ABC’s Lowcountry Live sends us a valentine

ABC’s Lowcountry Live blew us a kiss today, and we loved it

Social media star Andrea Serrano, a.k.a. @CharlestonShopCurator, spotlighted creative Valentine’s Day gifts on ABC’s Lowcountry Live TV show this morning, and our heart-shaped mega cupcake, Valentine-themed cupcakes, pink cupcake bath bombs, Valentine’s Day greeting cards, and Valentine’s mini-balloons took center stage!

Cupcake DownSouth's Valentine's Day cupcakes featured on ABC's Lowcountry Live

Charleston Shop Curator & Cupcake DownSouth’s Valentine’s Day gifts with ABC News 4 anchor Erin Kienzle

“Cupcake DownSouth, they go over the top,” she enthused, a huge smile on her face. “The frosting is as big as the actual cupcake!”

Heart-shaped cakes can be pre-ordered, she told TV anchor Erin Kienzle. “Plus they’ve expanded! Besides cupcakes you can get cake pops, and these cake shakes that are so amazing—it’s actually a milkshake and a cupcake mixed together—and you can get things like cupcake-shaped bath bombs, greeting cards, fun little balloons. It’s kind of a one-stop shop!” she said.

“If you don’t want to bake one night, you can just stop by and pick something up. Or if you’re going out to eat, you can pick up a dessert afterward.”

Her favorite cake shake flavor? Southern Red Velvet.

“It’s a good hostess gift too,” Erin added. “If someone’s giving a party, who’s not going to smile at receiving a box of cupcakes?”

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