Behind the Scenes with Kristin & Jen

By November 19, 2015Uncategorized

Owner Kristin Cobb and Cupcake DownSouth Director of Operations Jen George have been working together at Cupcake DownSouth for eight years but have been friends much longer.

“We’ve been best friends and roommates and now work together, which is great,” says Kristin.

Jen and Kristin met when Jen moved to Charleston and was looking for a roommate. Jen says, “I moved to town and didn’t know anyone and needed a roommate.” Kristin, too, was looking for a roommate, and mutual friends suggested they meet. They were immediate friends, and Jen ended up moving in saying that Kristin was “the most normal person she had met on the roommate search.”

When they met, Kristin was working in food and beverage, and Jen was doing graphic design work. After awhile, they actually ended up both working together selling cellphones. So, working together is not new to them. Jen later began teaching art at a local school, and Kristin ended up moving to New York.

When Kristin returned from New York, she had the idea to start Cupcake. Shortly after her return to Charleston, she and Jen grabbed dinner and drinks, and Kristin shared her idea to open the downtown location. Although most of the people were putting down Kristin’s idea to open a bakery that just sold cupcakes, Jen was immediately supportive and encouraged Kristin to go for it. So, she did.

The rest is history. Cupcake DownSouth got started in 2006, and Jen ended up coming on board in 2007. The two have worked together ever since.

Jen and Kristin have been best friends for 17 years and counting. They both say that working with your friends is the way to go.

Do any of you have the privilege of working with your close friends? We’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.