Charleston Regional Business Journal

By October 29, 2014Positive Press

Excerpted from the Charleston
Regional Business Journal
August 21, 2006

Cupcake craze makes its Charleston debut

“They’e soft, small and even pretty, but don’t underestimate the power of the cupcake.

“Not just for children anymore, the cupcake has recently taken on more adult-oriented flavors (anyone for a mojito cupcake?) and the growing popularity of these frosted pompoms has become the nation’s latest food trend.

“… College of Charleston student Allison O’Dell recently visited [Charleston’s own Cupcake] for the first time around 5 p.m. while en route to her second job.

“‘It’s not quite dinner time. It’s kind of a good snack,’ O’Dell said. She walked out with a chocolate raspberry cupcake and said the shop was a college girl’s dream.”

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