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By October 29, 2014Positive Press

Excerpted from Daniel H. Pink’s blog
March 24, 2011

Cupcake founder and owner Kristin Kuhlke Cobb has been featured in the recently launched book Single. Women. Entrepreneurs, which was reviewed by best seller Daniel H. Pink on his blog:

“It’s called Single.Women.Entrepreneurs. And it’s about – wait for it – single women entrepreneurs.  Turns out there are legions of them – though they get far less press than, say, mompreneurs or women who mitigate their entrepreneurial risk by being married to a wage-earning spouse.

“The women Erin profiles in her book (Buy it at Amazon, BN, or Indie Bound) have launched some really interesting business – and operate them in smart and savvy ways. So I asked Erin if a few of her subjects would offer advice to Pink Blog readers who are themselves single women entrepreneurs or who are hoping to be. (At least the entrepreneur part. If you’re hoping to become single or a woman, there are plenty of other blogs for that.)

“Kristin Kuhlke Cobb, founder and owner of South Carolina-based Cupcake (which sold $1.3 million worth of baked goods last year):

1. Do your homework, be a sponge.

2. Balance knowledge of facts with gut feeling.

3. Work around the crazy.

4. Don’t go in to debt.

5. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.”

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