Edible Lowcountry

By October 29, 2014Positive Press

Excerpted from Edible Lowcountry
Fall 2007

Retro goodness

“Simple. Wholesome. Festive. Portable. Nostalgic. What’s not to like about a freshly baked cupcake adorned with a swirl of buttercream? …

“… Fans of certain flavors commit [Cupcake’s] baking schedule to memory, faithfully showing up on Friday for key lime, Saturday for black bottom, and Monday for pumpkin.

“… In addition to plenty of real, sweet-cream butter, she uses organic peanut butter, real vanilla beans, and fresh berries. Even kids with allergies can indulge in the vegan chocolate cake, and the bakers can whip up soy icing for special orders.”

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