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Excerpted from Moultrie News
January 25, 2012

Wedding Guide 2012

“The traditional wedding cake is still belle of the ball when it comes to wedding receptions, but other dessert treats are starting to get invited to the party … Many times couples will opt for a small cake to slice and accompany it with cupcakes decorated in their wedding party colors.  Mini cupcakes are popular too.  The flavor choices are endless, such as these ideas from Cupcake in the Belle Hall Shopping Center: black and white, chocolate tuxedo, blueberry cobbler, pink lemonade and even watermelon.

“Jen George, director of operations at Cupcake, says that brides can choose from one of their nine flavors a day that vary with the seasons. The cupcakes come in three sizes, regular, mini and mega. The mega ones are six inches in diameter and can serve six to eight people. Many brides opt to use a mega cupcake at the top of a tier of regular or mini cupcakes. The couple will then use the mega cupcake as a slicing cake to complement an assortment of cupcakes.

“Cake pops, which Cupcake just started to carry, are another favorite treat for many brides.  These are made of cake rolled into a ball and put on a stick and then dipped in white or dark chocolate and covered with sprinkles to coordinate with the bridal party colors. “A lot of people pick cakepops as wedding favors,” George says.”

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