Our 2016 Resolutions

2015 was a fantastic year for Cupcake DownSouth! We celebrated with you time and again. We came out with our After Dark line. And we got to spend moments together cherishing the sweet things in life.

But we are super pumped for 2016 and have a few resolutions to make 2016 better and bolder than ever before!

  1. We resolve to treat ourselves. Discipline is essential in life, but in order to stay on track, a treat once in awhile is crucial. So, in 2016, we promise to treat ourselves for even the smallest of victories.
  2. We resolve to maintain our quality and service. If there’s one thing we love, it’s knowing that we are providing a high quality product to our clients. We never use lard or unnatural ingredients in our cupcakes, and we resolve to keep that standard high for you.
  3. We resolve to stop and smell the roses. Life can get so hectic sometimes, and it gets easy to focus on the end game that we miss the journey and on what’s happening in the moment. We want to enjoy life’s simple pleasures in the here and now.
  4. We resolve to bring you even more delicious flavors! That’s right; we are still coming up with new flavor ideas for 2016. Our After Dark line has been insanely popular, and we are thrilled it’s a hit. There will certainly be more where that came from.
  5. We resolve to treat our customers! We absolutely adore you guys, and this year, Cupcake DownSouth is coming up on our 10-year anniversary. There will be deals galore to celebrate. We hope you’ll be able to celebrate with us throughout the year!

Whatever your resolution, we hope that you and yours are planning to make 2016 your best year yet. And we hope to be a part of it!