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By October 29, 2014Positive Press

Excerpted from The Post and Courier
May 4, 2013

Sweet Success
Entrepreneur’s Cupcake stores thrive even in recession

It’s a sweet gig if you can get it. Entrepreneur goes to financial management and accounting school but doesn’t want to be an accountant. A foodie and lover of baking, she comes to Charleston after graduating from college, then makes a yearlong swing through New York until she gets laid off and still isn’t sure what to do with her degree and interests. So she returns to Charleston without much money and decides to launch a gourmet cupcake shop in the highly competitive food and beverage town. Kristin Kuhlke Cobb didn’t think much about what would happen if she failed. No need. Seven years later, she owns four stores across the state, employs 60 people, survived the recission selling $3 cupcakes, received national praise and now is considering a franchise. But the stores’ success also has meant Cobb can do philanthopic work…

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