Celebrate March with a Shamrock Cake Shake at Cupcake DownSouth - the most delicious of desserts!!

Cake shake o’ the month

It’s March, and you know what that means! Everyone’s got St. Paddy’s Day on their minds, and we’re no exception. We’re celebrating the feast of St. Patrick and the good taste of our Irish friends with a Shamrock Cake Shake throughout the month of March. And not only can you savor its fantastic flavors, you can enjoy $1 off the Shamrock all month at any of our bakeries!

Just how fantastic is it? Well, our Shamrock Cake Shake is a blend of one of our everyday favorite cupcakes, Black & White, soft-serve vanilla ice cream, and a cool touch of peppermint syrup. We top it off with whipped cream and lucky four-leaf-clover sprinkles. And that, our friends, is one fabulous combo.