Skirt! Magazine

By October 29, 2014Positive Press

Excerpted from Skirt! Magazine
May 2006

New Kid on the Block
Kristin Kuhlke is the icing on the cake

“‘What could be more fun than cupcakes?’ asks King Street’s most recent (and only) cupcake queen. In fact, Kristen is presently the only exclusively-cupcake purveyor in the Southeast, but once these butter cream dreams (in 30 flavors, changing daily) catch on, that is sure to change. Kristen opened Cupcake, her perky pink and chocolate-covered sweetshop, a month ago, and business has been steady. … Kristen tested and developed all but the carrot cake recipe (that’s her baker’s) and came up with some exotic combos (butterscotch and banana) that are surprise favorites. ‘I love seeing customers’ faces light up, especially kids’.'”

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