Cupcake DownSouth bakery featured in USA Today

Pretty Treats Take the Cake

Cupcake DownSouth in USA Today 
Cupcake-only bakeries find success catering to the kid in all of us

“‘The rise of the cupcake is very much about going back to our national identity in food, which is all about comfort,’ says Ruth Reichl, editor of Gourmet magazine. “In these times fraught with war and a tough economy, people want to think about when they and their country were innocent.’ Reichl knows firsthand the power of the cupcake. Two years ago, Gourmet innocently showcased cupcakes on its cover. The letters poured in for a year, some chastising the publication for deeming the dessert a gourmet item, while most simply waxed lyrical about their cupcake memories.

“Cupcake [DownSouth], Charleston, S.C.: “When I told people I was leaving my job in New York and coming home to open a cupcake store, it was pretty much the same reaction: ‘Uh, good luck with that,’ ” says Kristin Kuhlke, the lone employee of her year-old shop. “I think people just love having their own personalized cake,” she says. { Click here to read the rest on the USA Today website }

| Excerpted from USA Today: September 19, 2007